Mini Free Book Tree

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Mini Free Book Tree

Mini Free Book Tree to be born as a non-profit organization from 2012 at the dormitory of National Economics University of Vietnam by a young student with sympathy for life, love for book sharing in villages, orphanages, and poor areas, as well as places that need it, with the inspiration is “Take book.pick up trash.listen stories of living being.share colorful love" 


A Bright Future

Its missions are:

- Transmission of inspiration for reading

- The spirit of action to protect the green earth

- Build friendship, friendship through the little boxes

- Creativity and paint different colors of life

- Listen to the books of living, because each of us is a book

- Nurture energies, dreams, overcome difficult circumstances, and challenges, open hearts, sincerity, and hopes of a bright future through action, knowledge, and love.

- Contribute and join hands to build a new vitality for beloved land,


Donate a Book Tree

It is our goal to install 5 000 Mini Free Book Trees in Vietnam and around the world, while providing education with each Mini Free Book Tree installation. With our Mini Free Book Tree, you can make it yourself, or buy from our not-for-profit organization or can be sponsored by an organization/community/ individual who would like to have Mini Free Book Tree in their community


Exchange Books

We make Mini Free Book Tree as a gift to schools, villages, orphanage, city & everywhere inspire reading, inspire sharing books & love, growing up dreams-efforts with hope for a bright future, bright tomorrow with knowledge & dreams, from the poor with expectation of a better life, thrive & prosperous & creating sustainable way of living for the current generation as well as their future generations, love for the one not poor or rich, hearts come closer to hearts, distance becomes closer, feelings & sharing in life, spirit of endless learning, open heart & mind, discovering & action, cherish soul, action for green planet, paint more colors in life, creativity, build friendships.

Latest Updates

How to make one Mini Free Book Tree for yourself? It is not difficult at all and so exciting. If you get trouble, contact us, we would be honored to guide you